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Degree Or Skill, Which One Is Important?

Degree Or Skill, Which One Is Important?

Degree or skill? This debate has been going on for a long time and yet does not seem like it will end soon. Since childhood, many of us have heard that a degree is a key to a well-paid job.

The School system has drilled the idea in heads that grades and degrees are the indicators of success.

But, that is not the only success indicator. There is a lot more to discover and to differentiate.

Degree Or Skill

A degree is a certificate that an applying person is eligible for the post. Degree earns you respect status and work permit in other countries. In medicine, engineering, law, and other specialties, foundational education is necessary to pass licensing exams. So in these courses, a degree is an essential factor.

However, some fields do not require the same such as freelancing. Many companies hire tech professionals who do not have a four-year degree but for entry-level positions.

So, the question that arises in these circumstances is the degree is worth all our time, or we should focus on our skills too. Now, there are two groups among people. One believes a degree is all you need.While, the other thinks that skills can solely get you money, power, and respect. 

Many successful people, such as Bill Gates, admit not being a degree holder and say that having a degree is not worth falling into a huge debt and wasting many years of life.With more degree holders and fewer job opportunities, the competition is getting tougher with every passing day.

So you can not compete this whole lot with degrees only. Every medal has its reverse side. Now skills are as essential as the degree is.

A Degree Is Much More Than A Success

‌The degree is only a theoretical evaluation, whereas skill is what helps a person grow financially. Every degree holder is not necessarily skilled, and it is skills that help achieve targets and not the degree.

This freelancing era, requires a good skill set and communication to sell your service.

But solely relying on skills is not a good option as skills upgrade with time or new skills are replaced by modern skills. In contrast, a degree is necessary in a way that it helps you learn the basics, helps with time management, budgeting, and critical thinking. 

Companies select candidates with both skills and degrees for higher-status jobs. So, both degrees and skills are interdependent. To lead a life being self-employed, skills are enough. But, for employment in any company, a degree with some skills is essential for a good and sustainable life. 

Why Are Skills Necessary?

Having a college degree doesn’t guarantee a handsome salary job with a ha, but the right set of skills is needed, too.

According to the world economic forum, more than one billion jobs that makeup nearly one-third of all jobs worldwide are to be taken over by technology in the next ten years.

With this COVID-19 situation going on, this process has accelerated up to a vast extent. To survive this transformation, we can’t rely on any one of the things we need both, as life is a race that goes on, and in the end, it is all about the survival of the fittest. 

If you want to survive in life, skills may be enough. But if you desire to succeed in life, you need both skill and degree to have a balanced ratio.Life is a set of trial-error- try again and maybe a few more failures. In all these aspects, skill is the survival essential that makes you stand out in the crowd of other applicants.

A good degree gets you in the door, but when inside you need to prove your selection. Which is only possible because of skills.


In conclusion, the answer to the question of degree or skill depends more on the region you reside in and the job criteria of your work field. But we can say that degree takes you to places, but skills help you stay there.

A degree gets you a job, but skills reflect your potential. Ending the debate on degree or skill with a note. A wise man once said: “Just having a degree in education is not enough, maybe it is a passport to a job but not to success, for success skills are required.”