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How to design a logo (infographics)?

The first impression is the last. Your logo impression is not only impactful for your brand identity but also affects its success. So how to design a logo leaving a long-lasting impact on your customers? 

You should consider the following tips to create a logo that not only attracts your clients but also be easily memorable for ages. 

1.The Logo Design Must Be Appealing To The Target Audience 

You should consider your audience while designing your logo. For example, what’s the age group of your targeted audience, what’s their gender, what’s their interests, what color will attract them most. 

Consider the case of a single man in his 20s, working full time, adventurous, high school educated, energetic. 

2. Unique And Memorable Logo Design

You should practice how to make a logo unique. That helps your brand to stand out in your respective market against your competitors. The uniqueness of the logo will lead to ease of memorizing it, easy to use on the website.

3.Be Immortal

Your focus should be the immortality of your brand. You should design a logo by considering the fact that your brand will serve the audience for an indefinite time. This means your logo will fit any generation despite current trends. 

4.Illustration Representing Your Name

How to create your own logo illustration is one of the most important key factors. The single image speaks thousands of words. Your logo illustrations will speak about your brand, your purpose, and your services.

5.Be Simple

More simple your logo more clear will be the concept and message behind it. And it will be easy to remember. Such as the Twitter logo that perfectly represents their business idea of sharing tweets.

6.Correct Use Of Fonts

Fonts play a most important role to make it look more professional and appealing to your target audience. For example, if your target audience is age is from 5-15 years old you will make use of more fun and playful fonts. Cursive(luxury) for jewelry logos, etc.

7.Correct Use Of Negative Space

By using negative space in your logo you not only make it look simple but also easy to understand the idea behind it. Creativity done with negative space can be examined in the below minimal logo examples.

8.Engaging Colors

The use of colors efficiently is the most important step in designing a logo. You should know the effect of every color to attract the audience of your respective business and leaving a long-lasting impact on them. Such as some food logos below.


You should focus how to make a logo flexible. Its impact should be same on every size like computer screen and mobile screen. Your logo idea should be clear when you go for its black and white printing.

10.Make Use Of Silhouette

Use fo silhouette leads to the desiging of perfect minimal logo. You can convey your ideas to your audience with minimum details possible.