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How To Get Orders On Fiverr? Tips That Can Help You

If you are looking forward to the ways to get orders on Fiverr try to follow this guide and achieve the desired level. 

In this era of technology and quick communication, remote jobs are highly appreciable. In the comfort of your place and without any tension to travel miles away to reach the office, people nowadays are opting for freelancing. Surprisingly enough, 48% of the US working population is working from the comfort of their home, and astonishingly, of all the professionals out there freelancers represent 35percent. 

With such a rise in the freelancing market, the competition is also soaring high. With every passing year, the addition of new platforms and sites is simultaneously adding more competition. Although several freelancing sites are available to aid freelancers in getting more projects, some are irreplaceable and have been serving for quite a long time. Upwork, Fiverr, Guru and Freelancers are considered as the top-matched freelancing sites.

Almost all of them allow direct bidding, where the freelancer bids on the project posted by a client. But, Fiverr works quite differently. It encourages freelancers to make Gigs specified to their niche and work on them to attract potential buyers.

It is one of the most commonly used platforms by the Millenials and has been providing them opportunities since the year 2010. Progress on Fiverr depends on your Gig, but on a platform that is already catering to 2.3million people getting orders can be quite tricky and may require effort and patience. 

How To Get Orders On Fiverr?

Here are a few tips that I discovered after spending a lot of my time in terms of research and experience. Hoping they might help you, people, to get orders on Fiverr. 

Choose Titles Wisely

Let’s start with the first thing that a potential client sees in your Gig. Yes, the title. Choosing a title with appropriate keywords is as essential as writing a Gig description. However, very few of us pay attention to it.

To choose an eye-catching title some research is mandatory. Most experts suggest taking inspiration from the high-ranking gigs of your desired keyword. It is preferable to pay some time to analyze those Gigs and find the elements that they share. The same goes for the keywords. Finding relevant titles and keywords can be time-consuming, but they can be worth your precious time. 

Pay Special Attention To Gig Writing 

Writing a detailed description of yourself can be tricky and can provide loopholes as not everyone is an expert in writing and delivering what they meant to say. In such conditions, it is preferable to keep the Gig description precise and point to point. 

Try to fit the main keyword organically, say in a natural tone, preferably in the first sentence. However, you can also add it later in the Gig but in a balanced proportion. Moving ahead, being a freelancer, you can inform about your services, experience, and remarkable achievement but in a careful manner. Try no to praise yourself much here as it can leave a negative impact too. Later, while ending the Gig, to keep the buyer in a loophole. You can call to action and can offer some winning deals. 

Still, if you are having difficulty in finding the righteous material for a gig, look from the perspective of a client. Try to assess what you want to see in that potential Gig, and you can easily find your answers.

Offer Market Competitive Pricing And Offers

If you are a beginner and have just stepped into the field of freelancing, it is unlikely to know the pay rate, say, your worth. To find out about the pricing strategy that most sellers are bidding for in the market, do a survey just like we did while choosing the title. 

It can help you to set pay rates according to your proficiency and can give you some insights on how you can attract buyers. Either by giving some extra revisions or by offering a bid of your service as a gesture.

Work On Promoting Your Gig 

Last but certainly not the least. Many of us forget this essential step to get orders on Fiverr. After creating a magnificent Gig with competitive market pricing and eye-catching cover, the next step can be a promotion of Gig on various social media platforms.

Put some effort into sharing the URL of your Gig. For this, you can try various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also add some hashtags specified to your niche to increase your reach.


In Conclusion, the answer to the question, how to get orders on Fiverr is consistent hard work and making moves to improve Gig’s performance. Either it is improvising its SEO or promoting it to various platforms, every effort counts and will take you a step closer to the desired rank.