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How To Rank Fiverr Gig In 2021? Tips You Should know

In this covid situation, freelancing is one of the best ways to earn while staying safe in your home. There are many different platforms where you can sell your freelancing service. Because of the covid, many businesses switched online, providing more opportunities for a newbie freelancer. However, it’s not that easy to stand out in the competitions when you are a newbie. Fiverr is one of the best options you can go for as a beginner. Although competition is quite tough if you follow the below steps properly, your gig gets ranked and you will get amazing results within a few months. Follow the tips to rank Fiverr gig. 

Tips & Tricks to Rank Fiverr gig

1.Correct Keyword 

Firstly you need to find the correct keyword according to your niche. Secondly, type that keyword in the Fiverr search option. For instance, you choose for food logo, check the suggested keywords, and choose a minimum of 3-5 of them.  

2.Gig Title

Your gig title plays a vital role to rank your Fiverr gig. You must use your main keyword with the combination of other keywords you have chosen. Your gig URL will be your gig title. And it can’t be changed even if you change the title.  

Check the below example of SEO friendly title

I will design cafe, food and bakery logo in 12 hrs

3.Make use of keywords as tags

Fiverr provides the option to make us of 5 tags in a single gig which is also one of the important parts to rank your Fiverr gig. These tags will be from the keywords you have collected in the first step. Whenever clients search through Fiverr they make use of such tag keywords. 

4.Gig Description and FAQ

The description is one of the great weapons, which can be used to attract your buyer. Also helps you to rank Fiverr gig. It needs to start with greetings, then you will mention your skills, your experience. 

You have to make your buyer engaged till the last to motivate them to place an order on your gig. You need to highlight your keywords there as well.    

While in the FAQ section, you have to consider yourself as a buyer and include those quires which you supposed to asked while buying something. 

5.Gig Packages

Competition on Fiverr is great and there are many freelancers providing low prices with a trick that bounds the buyer to for standard package or buy extras. 

To rank on Fiverr quickly as a newbie goes for low rates with high quality. But limited files. So the buyer knows your worth. 

You will find both buyers who go for expensive gigs and low budget gigs. So custom offers will help you to find out the middle way. 

Check how to offer a gig package smartly. 

6.Gallery To Rank Fiverr Gig

Your gig gallery is not only the showcase of your portfolio but it leaves a long-lasting impact on your buyer. Also, that helps you to rank your Fiverr gig on top. Make use of different and unique style so you can stand out. 

Don’t try to copy someone’s image, to do so your gig may get rank but it will get banned at its high period. Design your own image for instance logos, you should know how to design a logo?

You can also make use of keywords in your gig image. For instance, I will do luxury fashion cosmetics jewelry boutique logo (Here jewelry logo is the main keyword)

7.Gig video 

If you make use of a professional short video, explaining yourself and your benefits over others will help you to rank fiver gig more quickly.  

Fiverr also considers sellers with gig videos over sellers with gig image. 

8. Get 1st Order Fast

If you get your first order quickly it will be so much helpful to rank Fiverr gig. There are certain methods to get your first order quickly. 

  • Try to convince your old client to buy your service.
  • Save your gig details and create them as soon as you receive the custom offer from your client.
  • Ask your friend/relatives to buy your service.

9. Conversion Rates And Selling Rates

Conversion rates mean the rate of success in converting the client’s inbox msg to sales.

The more the conversion rates more your gig gets a boost on Fiverr. In conclusion, you will get more sales and your gig will get rank on top.

Average selling rates also play an important role to get more orders. You should try to go for medium rates with less number of orders instead of low rates with a high number of orders.   

10.  Promotion And Staying online 24/7

Share your gig on different social media platforms to get more clicks on your gigs. You can share it on different Fiverr gig promotion Fb groups. You can ask for fav exchange so you can get ranked high.

Staying online 24/7 it’s not that much easy now. Fiverr system is improving day by day and if they find out that you are not doing any activity on Fiverr, just have opened the page, then you will be considered offline. So try to do something such as scrolling and searching etc.