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Know The Value Of Design, Essential Factors That Can Help

One of the most important keys to a successful business is pricing the design or product correctly. The value of design or product is the foundation for a business. As a foundation laid wrong can never have a strong foundation, similarly, incorrect pricing strategies can create problems in the commerce, and it may collapse even before starting. As easy as it seems, recognizing the worth of your designs and pricing them is probably the resilient thing to do.

Factors That Contribute To The Value Of Design

1- Get To Know Your Customer

Understanding your target audience helps you develop market strategies, customer requirements, demands, and budget. This assists in working and pricing the product and services more accurately. The client preference should be the priority. Catering to a client’s needs is essential to get reliable customers. Before pricing the product, taking help with market research surveys can be a good tool because self-evaluation, along with a third-party assessment, is essential for generating excellent results.

2- Generating Revenue

Making money means getting enough revenue from a product that can, make up your expenses and even drive you some profit. The mistake made by many people is that they think it’s the price that expands the sale but actually, it is not. If you want to spice up the value of design that you are offering, your ability to deliver and sell also matters. There are three basic terms one should know before pricing their designs or products 

– cost: the money or time you spend on production or service

– price: the reward for providing service or product

– value: what your customer thinks about the product or service

3-Maximizing profitability

Increasing profitability is possible when you choose the elementary method of pricing. It can either be cost-plus pricing or value-based pricing. In the formal one, you add the amount of product production or service with the cost of profit you need. Whereas, the latter focuses more on the customer’s willingness to pay, depending on the benefits of your services or product. The earlier one is more suited for larger-scale businesses or services where there is market competition for prices. On the contrary, the latter approach is righteous for attracting potential customers, it can also drive in competitors.

4- Pricing Strategy

Different tactics can help you in attracting more customers, which in turn generates more revenue. 


Offering reduced prices for the product or services sometimes can be a powerful tool in attracting customers. Attracting customers is the fundamental requirement for a business or service to flourish but, be careful. Offering reduced prices can make customers feel that the service or product may not be up to the mark. You can discount the variable prices but fixed costs need to be kept the same.


If you own a unique product, you can sell it at a high price. At the same time, be sure that the product or service you’re offering is unique, or else you may lose your place if there’s credible competition.


It means to decrease the price to get into the market of competition. It is a powerful tool for the first few sales.

8-Increasing Or Decreasing Prices

At times you need to change the prices, but before doing so, you need to calculate the results.

Increasing the prices may increase the profitability but will decrease your sales. If you’re planning on increasing the price rate for the products or services you offer to use this opportunity to re-emphasize the benefit you proffer or, you can decrease benefits and keep the same old prices. As a result, it can generate more profit. Similarly, the more experience you gain while working on products you put forward you can charge more for it. 

Decreasing the product or service prices may be good, but it gives an impression of worse quality products or unsatisfactory services. So, instead of lowering prices, work on the product and services you offer. It helps build a healthy relationship between the customer and you. This change in pricing may help you keep up with the market trend. 


Pricing is essential as your product or service doesn’t cover the cost. The wrong estimation about the value of design will cumulate the cash flow negatively, which can eventually lead your business towards failure. So, be cautious while finalizing the price of your product or service as a single move, either right or wrong, can affect your business up to an infinite extent.