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Make Money Online As A Freelancer, Top 3 Websites

Taking a ride to the past, two decades back, the concept of earning via online platforms was quite weird and had almost zero practical approaches. But, now things are pretty different. People are looking forward to the ways to make money online as a freelancer. Not only this, some are even considering it as a permanent way to earn their livelihood.  

However, this increase in awareness has also raised the bars high enough. As a result, the competition is getting tougher with every passing day, inflating challenges for freelancers. However, with challenges comes ease. Several websites grant opportunities to experts and even newbie freelancers to provide their skills via their platform and make money online as a freelancer. 

Top 3 Websites To Make Money Online As A Freelancer

The top 3 websites which have been providing work opportunities to freelancers for a long time are as follows:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru


It is one of the earliest platforms that was developed to encourage online earning. Beerud Sheth and Srini Anumolu launched Elance in 1999, later upgraded to Upwork in 2015. Since then, it has been catering to more than 12 million freelancers and providing them opportunities. 

It works on the direct bidding method where the client posts a task and the freelancers bid on that project. In return, the client interviews the potential freelancers and finalizes the one that fulfills his requirement.

Although it caters to a large population of freelancers, competition is quite fierce on Upwork. It categorizes the freelancers based on their working hours and proficiency, making it difficult for newbies to make their way among the top freelancers. 


  • Pay is higher than other freelancing sites
  • It is easy to get paid 


  • Competition is pretty high
  • Charges high commission fees


Fiverr, a freelancing site is renowned for its wide range of opportunities for newbies. It is famous among Millenials since it provides them with a pathway and strengthens their portfolio. Apart from the seller, Fiverr is also beneficial for the buyers. They can hire a freelancer through Fiverr, even with a low budget of $5. 

Moreover, Fiver’s working strategy is quite different from other freelancing sites available out there. Here, the seller creates an offer and sets his own prices, and the buyer places an order on his gig

To improve the experience of both buyer and seller, Fiverr has this feature where the opponent can see other’s ratings, levels and can read reviews of his previous employees or clients, respectively. 


  • Can make multiple gigs 
  • Provides ten bids a day
  • User friendly


  • Fees are hefty


Similar to Upwork, Guru is one of those freelancing sites that developed in the late 20th century. It serves to connect the employers to the employees and promotes a healthy working environment for both. 

The network has 800,000 employers worldwide and has paid $250 million to freelancers to this date. Here, being a freelancer, you can quote or bid on the project posted by the client, just like we do on Upwork. In return, the buyer can review your portfolio, performance, reviews and earnings statistics to select the right one for his task.  

In addition, it has some mesmerizing membership plans for its buyers. Apart from the basic membership, which is free of cost, it provides some paid memberships too. They help to maximize opportunities and outshine the career. Moreover, its plans are considerably affordable, ranging from $8.95 to $39.95, focusing on every kind of seller.


  • Secure way of payment
  • User friendly 
  • Status alerts


  • Chances of the scam are there
  • High fees


If you are looking forward to the pathway to make money online as a freelancer, these three sites can serve as a kickstart. They help to generate revenue that too with an assured of secure payment. All three of them have exceptional customer service that promotes a favorable environment for both clients and sellers.

As we are wrapping our text here, we want to convey a message that whatever the platform is, it also depends on your hard work and the efforts you are putting into it. So, never lose your hope and continue to work with the same courage that you are known for.