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Pros And Cons Of Freelancing,

Since every other freelancer has their own perception of Freedom, therefore Pros and Cons of freelancing may vary. But we can explain certain common freelancing pros and cons that can help you out.

Common perks of freelancing are that one’s can become own boss and can set his/her worth based on their skills. But there is also some draws backs, for instance, health issues and lack of job security

Following are some common pros and cons of freelancing:

Pros Of Freelancing :

1-Balance Of Work-Life:

Around 25% of the freelancers find it fascinating, the flexibility and freedom of freelancing

Firstly it allows you to work with your own feasibility even on your vacations. Secondly, you can limit the number of projects as per your requirement.

Based on the online survey results, almost 65.5% of the freelancers working full time. Around 15% do freelancing part-time with no other job during the day, 13.8% do freelancing part-time. Lastly, 5.7% of freelancers work full time with part-time jobs.

2-Work Location:

One of the best advantages of freelancing is that you are not bound to the location, you can continue your work from any part of the world. Mostly Freelancers works on a contract basis. In conclusion, we can say that you don’t need an extensive investment for your own startup.

3-Future Entrepreneurs:

Around 68-75% of freelancers contains the qualities of entrepreneurs, having creative mindsets. They don’t wanna limit their freedom of creativity, which is not possible under a boss or organization.

Cons Of Freelancing:

Everything has its own drawbacks, but if your skills are good enough you don’t need to worry about the following cons of freelancing:

1-High Competition

Since the covid-19, there is a great boost observed in the freelancing niche, everyone was working from home, but this rise in demand also has a noticeable drawback.

For instance, as the demand increases competition also gets an increase, and because of economical crises, freelancers were helpless in getting their reasonable worth and has to work at slightly lower rates.

2-Health Issues After Covid-19:

Since most of the freelancers work from home and they are not linked to any government or private organization, because of that they face certain problems in health facilities after covid-19.

In conclusion, we can say that the only major drawback of freelancing is that you get a favor from the government as any other common worker get in terms of health facilities

3-Slow Progress:

The feasibility of working from home and making one’s owns limits and choices makes the person lazy. For instance, they took it as guaranted, which slow them down. And they make slow progress as compared to their starting days.

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