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Stand Out In A Saturated Market: 5 Effective Ways

You have been trying to succeed in freelancing for quite a long time but haven’t won the desired project yet. You have skills you are continuously bidding but not getting enough positive responses. People who started by your side are doing good and earning a hefty amount. To stand out in a saturated market is not a cakewalk. It demands patience and requires consistency. Moreover, it can be agonizing for any freelancer out there. 

At this point, when nothing seems like working, it is essential to reassess the whole scheme and evaluate every step. Still, if you are not getting the loophole, try to follow the five steps mentioned below to win more projects


Whether you are a web developer, writer, or graphic designer, communication skills are needed to be on top. It helps you to learn more about the ongoing project and the client’s requirements. As in return, one can give better results while having good knowledge about the project. In short, it reflects you as a professional in the market. 

To communicate professionally it is essential to have a good grip on English. Being the official language, it helps to connect people from different parts of the world. Lacking basic communication skills can decline sales as one is unable to define his services.

There are a lot of tools available online, both free and paid. These tools help to fix spelling mistakes while correcting grammatical errors. 

Focus On Gig Writing

Another way to stand out in a saturated market is to rank your gig at the top. Writing a gig wisely while choosing the appropriate words can help one’s gig to rank. 

In this era of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is essential to embed appropriate keywords in an organic tone. Make sure to choose the keywords that have high search volumes and low search difficulty. 

A general mistake that is generally observed is some people bombard their gigs with keywords. Try not to stuff your gig excessively with keywords, as it can hamper the gig ranking. As a result, the projects which were destined to fall in your basket can fall into others. 

Pay Special Attention To Portfolio

A portfolio is the best way to exhibit proficiency and experience. For a moment, put yourself in a client’s show and ask yourself what you want to see in the desired portfolio. 

Try to pay special attention to your portfolio. Tell the client about your services, exhibit the latest samples, and most importantly do tell about your work rather than just displaying it. 

What about those who haven’t won a great project yet and are struggling to find one. At this stage, helping out your friends and colleagues in their tasks while providing a few of your services at an inexpensive rate can help you turn a lean portfolio into an attractive one. 

Response Time 

Suppose you have good communication skills, a gig is ranking at the top, and the clients are approaching you. At this moment, response time matters a lot. The more actively the freelancer responds, the chances for appraisal, among others, eventually spikes up. It reflects one’s sense of responsibility towards the task and shows enthusiasm. 

The way a freelancer deals with the client can decide their destiny, whether two of them will go longer or will stop after this project. To understand the importance of response time in freelancing, go and check any freelancing site. Almost every one of them has a bar for response time.

Improve Your Bidding Strategy

On each project that is available on freelancing sites, from 10s to 100s of individuals bid daily. No doubt, most of them are fully loaded with a bunch of skill sets and have a mesmerizing portfolio. Then what would be the one thing that can help the person stand out in a saturated market? 

As a client, one could be expecting his employee to give solutions to his problems and describe what one can provide being a freelancer.

Experts suggest, try to assure the client that how being a freelancer, you can provide your services instead of praising your skills. Describe what you can do for the client and his project and how you will do it.

Putting efforts into solving the client’s problem can assure the client that the freelancer is interested in the project, not only in the money.


In conclusion, to stand out in a saturated market, one has to work consistently and keep his morale high enough. In this regard, promoting gigs and efficient bidding can help you to reach potential clients. Furthermore, effective communication and an attractive portfolio can boost up the procedure. Do follow the ways mentioned above and tell us how they helped you in achieving the desired level.