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When you enter any new field, the first thing that comes to your mind is that, what is the most trending business option from which you could start up with. The same goes with freelancing. Many ups and downs are observed in freelancing. For instance, the freelance skills in demand in the previous years are now of negligible value. 

I have seen Macromedia Flash, Swift 3d, and Freehand fade away like dirt in thin air. It was just about yesterday, Flash was a hot cake, high in demand and everyone was looking to get their website developed with cheesy flash animations similar to animation on 2advanced, a website that was an inspiration for many. 

However, there are some skills that are always in demand. In this article, the most in-demand skills published by the world’s top websites in the freelance marketplace are discussed. There are top 10 freelance emerging skills that cannot be replaced in value by other skills. 

The order is organized on the basis of my observation of projects on Upwork, PeoplePerHour,, and


In this Covid-19, the demand for eCommerce websites has increased a lot. Website developing demand’s consistency is very high in the freelance marketplace. Website developers, though they are on any platform, websites are always in demand in the freelance marketplace.  


By keeping the projects posted on Upwork and Guru in mind, desktop software development is in high demand. Clients always look for skilled and professional software developers to build their desktop and cloud-based software/applications.


Though it is social media, website, or print media requirement, graphic design projects are always offered in a huge number. Also with more websites being built, the demand for UX/UI is increasing. 


In the 21st century, mobile has become the basic need or we can say a “must-to-have” device for everyone. 80% of the internet population use mobile phones to fulfill their daily activities. This has increased the demand of mobile app development in the freelance marketplace. Nowadays, instead of developing native apps for iOS and Android, clients demand hybrid mobile app developers who can create apps for both iOS and Android.


When it comes to SEO techniques, the most important measure of success is the amount of organic traffic that a site receives. It’s also important to keep in mind that search engine rankings are based largely on the amount of time people spend per visit to a page. 


React Native, Angular JS and WordPress demand can be noticed through the high number of projects and proposals posted on major freelancing websites such as and One of the tools that are used extensively by application developers these days to achieve flawless results is React Native.


The demand for social media marketing and digital marketing has been raised up in the past years. Due to the traffic gained by popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest. Small businesses reach out to digital marketing and social media marketing experts to gain clients and projects by marketing their business online.


All dominant websites go for video animation instead of pictures/text for their websites. And also the advertisements are also increasing in number, this also gains projects to the video and animation creators. This has increased the demand for animation/video creation in the freelance marketplace. 


there is usually a requirement for a writer to write an SEO researched article of typically about 500-2000 words. The same goes with bloggers, there is s huge demand for bloggers in the freelance marketplace to write daily blogs. All you have to do is having skills of good content writing. There are many ways by which you can earn projects from your blogging.


Data entry and virtual assistant jobs are always in demand while comparing them with other major technical skills. This does not require any professional degree to earn money from these skills and is always in demand in the freelance marketplace.

In conclusion, we can say that the above-mentioned skills possess high and in-consistent demand in the freelance marketplace despite the ups and downs in the freelance market. But as per requirement, you should be skilled enough in a particular skill when you choose to start-up with.

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